Late September – Trip to the Aquarium

In late September (around the 21st or 22nd, I think), Brent’s parents were in town one Friday night and offered to take us out to dinner at Opry Mills.  I let Lilli pick between Rainforest Cafe and the Aquarium and she chose the Aquarium this time.  She really likes to peek inside Rainforest when we’re there, but I think some of the storms petrify her a bit, just as in real life she is scared to death during thunderstorms.

Some sort of panorama Brent did of us on the Iphone of our table and the nearby aquarium…



We had a really nice dinner (their food is actually much better than Rainforest) and Lilli loved all the massive fish tanks all around.  While we were eating the diver was even in the large tank feeding the fish.






We even ordered a couple of desserts to split to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  Lilli was quite the monkey…..






Afterwards, Brent’s parents offered to take her to her favorite store on the planet (Disney) and let her pick out one thing.  She quickly learned their “one thing” has a much larger price tag than the small “one thing” we typically pick out and she worked that system quite well and got a little Cinderella castle playset.  I really thought she would have picked out a new dress up gown since that’s typically what she tries to get us to buy her, but she does love all types of dollhouse and playsets right now.








She has enjoyed it a ton and plays with it pretty much every day (still).  Pippin may also enjoy it, or enjoy that it’s large enough to use as a shield from his little sis.  Cleaning out her room of toys she doesn’t play with much or ever is very high on my to-do list.  I’m not sure if it’s nesting or just being sick of so much “stuff” but we have a schedule to take us through the end of the year going room by room purging the JUNK that is just suffocating.  A lot of things we don’t use or need will be going in the trash, Goodwill, or Craigslist.  We got started on it this past week and already have a huge pile for give-away.  I want our house to have a nice, uncluttered look and feel to it, instead of constantly feeling and looking junky.  Most of the stuff shoved in baskets or drawers she won’t even miss, and some things she doesn’t play with anymore will go upstairs to little sister’s room (like her Little People and some of the animals she used to love.)








She learned about static electricity one afternoon on her trampoline!






Brent thought she looked like a hobo this particular morning….He had grabbed what he thought were socks out of her drawer and they turned out to be gloves.  She wanted to wear them (and carry his coffee).  Kind of looks like she should be working on the railroad!








We had a nice weekend this past one, but I am still really suffering from allergies.  I had my 6 month baby check-up this past Thursday and the doc really didn’t have any additional suggestions for me (although let’s face it – allergies are not his specialty).  My ears STILL haven’t popped since the plane on Monday and it’s basically like I have earplugs or cotton stuffed in them.  I can’t hear side conversations or what people who mumble or are low talkers are saying.  I’m still coughing a lot but don’t really have a runny nose or any sinus pressure.  I went to the walk-in clinic yesterday and they wouldn’t help me at all, once I stood up and he saw I was pregnant I knew it was over.  A friend at church is a doctor (family practitioner) and he did some research this afternoon to double-check the pregnancy rating on a couple of things and found a nasal spray that is safe for pregnancy.  He wrote me an Rx for it today and Brent grabbed it – it was $158 but I really don’t care (it’s not a popular one like Flonase, which isn’t safe for pregnancy, and there’s no generic making it really expensive for insurance).  I really don’t care how much it costs, if it can help reduce the swelling in my ears it will be ALL worth it! I’ve read some people’s comments on some pregnancy boards and they suffered like this all the way until the baby was born and then literally their ears finally popped.  I can’t imagine going another 3 months like this! It’s truly exhausting and by the end of the day I’m just worn out from trying to concentrate and just hear people.  I’ve definitely got true empathy for the hearing impaired now, that’s for sure.

Just a few more things from late September and then we’ll be in the Disney posts!!!

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