Hanging Around

From July 20 –

On this particular Sunday the girls were dressed in red and white polka dot – super cute dresses but totally not the same brand or bought together.   (And Abbi’s dress was one of Lilli’s old hand me downs so it’s at least gotten a couple of uses.)

Abbi wasn’t feeling a photo shoot that day, and Lilli was feeling extra fancy, so we didn’t get much good stuff here.  It was also insanely muggy and June bugs were everywhere, so we didn’t stick to it for long. IMG_1731

About as good as it got that day…………….. IMG_1739

Abbi’s new obsession – sticking her tongue out and hanging from our car door handles (literally).  This was the first day she started doing it, but now she’s constantly running around and hanging from them on my car and Brent’s.  She truly is into **everything**. IMG_1763                                             Sweet little face IMG_1769

She literally can hang off the handle.  We have to be sure the cars are locked all the time! IMG_1776                                           Just hanging out… IMG_1804

Of course big sis does a lot of hanging around, too – hers is all in the name of ninja warrior practice. IMG_1368

And we did some walking around the library trail and exploring the park. IMG_1377

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