100 Interesting Things

From February 1 – 5…..

Oh yes, I am soooo behind. Maybe I can fly through all the snow days of February (yeah right!!)

Even though we put no presents on the girls’ invitations they got several fun things.  Lilli was so excited to get her very first ever gift card.  Since she’s old enough to take Lactaid pills now we do go and treat ourselves to Sweet CeCes from time to time and she was THRILLED to have her very own “Sweet CeCes credit card”.

IMG_0240There’s no nap like a puppy nap.

IMG_2943One of the things they did on the “100 Days” of school day was make a little book.  Of course she wanted a bunch of her favorite flowers……


and she did NOT want 100 dogs.  That’s life with a puppy – one is PLENTY.  It’s hilarious the things that pop into her mind.


And she plans to be quite wrinkly at 106 years old.  And have a cane.


He has already learned about the amazing thing known as the dishwasher.

IMG_2964Abbi had no issues helping us with our Blue Coast leftovers.  This girl can (and does) eat black beans by the handful.  She’s not a picky one.


So full of faces and expressions!


She loves to come and interrupt me in the mornings when I’m working.


And the cleaners sent me this picture of Olli one day when they were here.  He’s definitely spoiled all the way around.


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