Slip n Sled

From Feb 15th-16th…..

Since bad weather was predicted, and actually seemed likely this time, we went ahead and picked the girls up Sunday afternoon.  If we did have lots of snow we wanted to be able to enjoy it with them, and not have them stuck a couple of hours away.  Our first stop on the way home was the library – we stocked up on books, DVDs and Wii games to help pass any potential snow days!


I think Miss Abigail really missed her pup.


It’s probably with mixed feelings that he missed her.  All of the times he does nip at them and someone ends up crying are far less than all the times he SHOULD be biting them.


It really was a pretty big forecast for us.  And it was definitely cold enough for it to stick.  We went to bed not quite sure what we’d wake up to, but schools were already closed in anticipation of something.


I still set my alarm knowing I could work from home regardless of the conditions.  Our 7 inches of snow had been replaced by an inch or two of ice with a couple more of sleet coming down on top of it.  Most of the morning we had sleet, adding on top of what Olli and I first went out in.  Poor little puppy had a hard time getting up and down the icy stairs.  It wasn’t a fun few days of house training and a lot of accidents were had inside.

IMG_3524Once Lilli woke up she had to put her jacket on and check it out, still in her PJs.  Olli really wanted to play in it, but kept getting so cold.  Both girls schools were closed due to the icy conditions (and it continued to come down all day) and my office actually closed – for the first time in 20+ years according to some.  Snow day!! I think only one or two people went in to Brent’s office and they closed down pretty early.  It’s definitely not worth traveling unsafe roads for the work we do.


Lilli wanted to skate in the road.  Considering no cars were traveling it was an easy request! It was strange to hear the interstate completely silent that morning as well.  All major and minor roads were total ice.


A view of the ice built up on the truck.


While it wasn’t good for snowman building or snowball fights, it was great for sledding.  Once everyone was up we got the girls in their snowsuits and headed up the street.  Lilli could have played in it all day, but Abbi wasn’t a fan of sledding or playing in it much – she doesn’t like gloves on her hands so she didn’t stay out long.


I think Lilli looked just like a future snowboarder.  And Abbi was screaming her head off.


There was an incident where Lilli was going too fast (she’s just SO aerodynamic at 35 pounds!) and she went off the side and under a tree.  It ended up scratching her ear but otherwise she was fine.  When they finally went back to school after all the snow days her teacher had them draw a picture of what they did on their time off – she drew a picture of herself on her tie-dye sled hitting a tree.  HA!


Oliver Monet knows the best way to enjoy a snow day – cozy sweater, soft rug, warm heat vent.


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