Some random pics from last week….

Her show and tell pic for the week was her Furreal dog that Santa brought her – aka White Pippin. I think it was a big hit amongst her friends. They all love things that walk, talk or cry.Making her March Madness picks. She made a lot of really bad pics – but a lot of her “upsets” actually happened – she ended up picking five major upsets of some of the #15 teams that surprised people. Overall though her score is pretty bad!
We got her this alarm clock off Zulily (it was half the Amazon price.) She’s always been amazing sleeper until about the last three months. As daylight got earlier she was showing up in our room around 6:20 in the morning on Saturdays. Compared to a lot of kids that isn’t bad, but considering she used to sleep until 7:30-8, or at least play in her room until then, we were missing some sleep. The final straw was a Saturday morning where she came in at 3:39 am and said she was ready to get up. So that same day these clocks were on Zulily (my absolute fave site), and I ordered it. It came in the middle of last week, so we haven’t used it much but it’s already helping. She loves looking at the time (it has hands, digital and wake up) and it’s on alarm with a train alarm, birds, or cuckoo clock. When she can get up it shows the girl playing outside, so she knows not to come in our room until changes from the girl asleep to the girl playing outside. It’s really a very, very cool clock!
The flip flops. This will go down as one of Brent’s better parenting moments. A couple of her friends had worn flip flops Wed night to church, so on Thursday she wanted to wear flip flops and dug out this pair from last summer. That are now a size too small. Brent thought they looked okay, but he ended up picking her up Thurs afternoon because I had acupuncture – and he picked up a barefoot Lilli because her feet were hurting her. HA!
We also got a surprise in the mail on Thursday – my cousin Cindy saw a Lorax book at the store and thought Lilli would love it. So she mailed Lilli the book and some princess coloring pages. She had seen (on Facebook) how much Lilli loves the Lorax movie and wanted to send her a surprise. How sweet was that?? I love getting surprises in the mail that aren’t bills!
Back to the grind tomorrow!

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  1. What a cutie-patootie you have on your hands — and totally jealous that she's such a good sleeper (even with those early wake-ups!). 🙂

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