Disney Day 2, Part 1: Magic Kingdom!

Every morning I snuck a little goodie bag by the door of our hotel room and told her it was from a princess.  I fully realize these are all Sesame Street bags, but a working girl only has so much time to shop and she didn’t care or notice.  If it was a red bag she said it was from Snow White, a yellow (Big Bird) was from Belle and so on.  She definitely started looking forward to and expecting all these little gifts from the princesses each morning!








I just put lots of little snacks for the day and some small stickers and things I’d found at the dollar store in them.




Every day she’d spill out her loot and decide which ones she’d bring along to the park.  It definitely came in handy during some of the longer lines when she just needed a little snack to help pass the time.  (I bought animal crackers, pretzels, Goldfish, princess gummies, raisins and some other small packed snacks like that.  Luckily all that stuff can easily fly in luggage.)




Our first order of the morning was breakfast at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort.  The Polynesian was just one stop over on the monorail so it was nice and accessible, and had come highly recommended.  This was the only breakfast we booked the whole time (it was just better to use our nicer sit down credits for dinners) and it was SO good! Probably one of my favorite meals of the trip.  Lilli was excited to order the Mickey Mouse waffles and even drew a little Mickey on her menu.








Afterwards we hopped right back on the monorail and were at Magic Kingdom in no time!! Lilli was SO excited to finally be heading in to see the Princesses.




The Princess line was the first place she wanted to head to, and considering that’s all she wanted out of this trip we really couldn’t put that off any longer.  This particular meet n greet is inside a building, so it’s nice and cool and you get to meet three princesses at once.  The wait wasn’t too bad at only 20 minutes, either.  Once you get in the main room, the three of them are lined up and you move pretty quickly from princess to princess.




We had let Lilli wear one of her dress up out fits that day, so being Snow White made all her pictures extra cute, and got lots of extra attention during parades and other meet n greets that day.  She was SO excited to meet these girls, it was absolutely precious.  She didn’t want us in the pictures or to go up with her whatsoever.  She’d run up, take her autograph book, and happily pose for all kinds of pictures.  It was 100% adorable to see her excitement at this age.








Lilli and Cinderella…








Up next….Belle and lots of other Magic Kingdom adventures!

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