Day 3 – Meeting Big Sister!

Our second day in the hospital blended right into the third day once again as we were woken up throughout the night.  For some reason my nurse thought it was ok to wake me up at 2 am to ask if I had completed my paperwork survey on postpartum depression.  Really?? I’m not sure why that couldn’t wait until normal awake hours.  I had a lot of really good nurses, but several really awful ones – including the terrible intern from Lipscomb who woke me up numerous times during the afternoon rest period just to see if I needed anything, and then never got my pain medicine (for over an hour) until Brent went and stood in the nurses station.  I really don’t see how people survive being in the hospital long term with all the insane amount of interruptions.


Early in the morning we spied in on Lilli and saw this – how funny.  I guess Pippin was wanting some company with his sister since he was so disturbed about us being gone.  I can’t believe she didn’t kick him out, his snoring drives her nuts.  If any blanket, pillow, or clothing article that looks even remotely soft is left unattended he WILL make a bed of it!!










And later in the morning when the sun was up – still there!! I bet she was fit to be tied when she realized he had slept in there!!










When we first went to visit Abbi that morning she had a great prognosis and her IV fluids had been completely eliminated.  We watched one last video and they told us that it seemed highly likely she would get to room in with us later that day and come home with us tomorrow.  Our Sunday School class texted for an update before class so we sent them this picture of me hanging out with her in the NICU:











Around lunch time that morning we got a wonderful call – the head NICU doctor was releasing her to us for rooming in and if all went well she’d get to go home with us the next day! They brought her down shortly there-after and for the first time we got to hold her without any wires and machines what-so-ever.  She was all ours, kind of.  The NICU nurses would be down to check on us every three hours throughout the day and night to see how much she had eaten and monitor wet/dirty diapers.   If we were tired of people constantly checking on us before, now it felt like we were really being graded as parents.  We also couldn’t send her to the nursery on our floor – she was literally all ours until check out time.











She mostly slept and we would wake her up to keep her on the mandated schedule.  We watched a lot of HGTV that afternoon (and weekend…)











We got to keep this pretty pink blanket – every NICU baby receives a hand-made blanket by a woman who makes them in memory of her child.









Later that afternoon Lilli finally got to come up and meet her little sister.  She had been SO excited and she came running in the room to see her.  She wanted to touch every little part of her – and that still hasn’t worn off a bit.  At all.









Every day she still touches her nose and cheeks and hands and feet.   Yesterday when I picked her up Abbi had lost a sock and her foot was sticking out from the blankets and she just squealed at “all her little toes”.


















And every day she still asks to hold Abbi.  She’s a great help and helps with pacifiers, playing with her, and bringing you anything you might need.   Abbi is starting to interact a lot more with her and grab her hair (she LOVES that) and smile at her (also a huge hit!).











Mimicking her sister…











Lilli’s little hand and Abbi’s little foot…










My parents with Abbi….









Brent’s parents with Abbi….









Lilli was NOT happy to leave the hospital and her sister.  It’s hard to just see her for a few minutes when she had waited so long for her! Once word got out that we had a baby, our preacher and his wife also stopped by that night after church to see Abbi and visit with us.

Dustin and Abbi:










Rebecca and Abbi:










By far, Sunday was the best day of our hospital stay because we finally had our Abbi to ourselves (kind of) and Lilli finally got to meet her little sister.  The floor had also been SO packed with people and babies, but a ton of them went home on Sunday and there was hardly anyone left and I had the best daytime nurse.  She made all these little “cocktails” for everyone with Sprite, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice and they were SO good! Ever since I’ve been making my own version of them at home.


Next up: Finally heading home!!


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