Days in the Life…..

From Tuesday May 14th – Friday May 17th –


I went in to wake up Lilli and found her like this one morning.  I don’t have a clue how she gets any rest at night with the way she sleeps!! She’s usually kicked all the covers off, but even this one was a bit over the top for her!












That Tuesday afternoon Abbi had her 4-month well baby visit.  She got a great report and several more shots.  She’ll get the same round of shots again at her 6 month visit.













Swim class! The third session we signed Lilli up for started.  By the end of this session at the end of next week she’ll have had 9 weeks of classes, 18 total classes.  We’re going to take a break, at least for the summer.  If we start back up in the fall we may do private lessons, we’ve seen so much more progress the previous two classes when the class size was smaller that I think that’s the way to go.  And someone needed to tell the old guy that classes were in session…..













Lots of fun spring evenings riding around in the driveway…












While Lilli is in swim class I take Abbi out for a stroll on the attached greenway and we usually get in a walk of a little over 3 miles.  We walk from the Y all the way to Crockett Park and back, and in one section you almost always see deer.  This is a pretty busy greenway with runners, walker, and bikers, and the deer don’t care at all.  This particular night there were about 11 deer just sitting and watching everyone!











Toes! She loves grabbing those toes!!
























You might as well just put a sign on her head that says “Lilli was here”.











On Friday night we ate at Judge Beans for the first time.  We’ve always heard it’s so good and it’s super close to our house now.  It definitely did not disappoint!! There’s a ton of things on their menu I’d love to try.













I got smoked sausage (probably a little lighter calorie wise) and Brent got a sampler of several more traditional bbq items.  It was so good Abbi wanted to grab it all right off my plate.  She is such a Grabby McGraberson right now.  But we would definitely recommend Judge Beans to anyone!!




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