A Normal Saturday…..

After the craziness of last winter with selling the house and moving with a newborn and preschooler, I absolutely love any Saturday where we don’t have anywhere that we have to be, especially now that we’re both back at work and in the new “normal”.

I think everyone woke up around the usual 7:30.  I think Lilli may have climbed in our bed around 7 (I don’t know why the sun ever has to come up before 6:30 am…..).  That pretty much meant there were elbows and knees in all my body parts, but sometimes you can just tell she wants her alone time with us so a few extra minutes of Saturday sleep is the price you pay.

So then at the first peep of an Abbi she’s in her crib unwrapping her from the Swaddle Me and reading her a story, which quickly gets grabbed out of her hand and into Abbi’s mouth.  Then it’s time for breakfast and a little cartoons for everyone…


Our garden badly needed some weeding attention.  The worst areas were where we had planted seeds and some plants had come up with a lot of clover.  I had a lot of detailed weeding to do, and this garden is about as big as we can handle.  I worked about two hours in the morning and another hour in the afternoon during nap time to get it all cleaned out, and hopefully the worst of the weeds are behind us.  This will be a tough year for the garden to get established, and hopefully from here on out it will be easier.  We’ve got a lot of green tomatoes, some small peppers, and everything is really starting to grow.  We’ve been eating lettuce out of the garden for about two weeks now and hope we can enjoy it for a while before it gets too hot and leggy.


Brent took the kids to the library (Lilli’s suggestion) to get them out of the house for a bit.  We had burned through her last set of books and DVDs so she got some new ones.


She found this book but since it didn’t come home I imagine they concluded we know everything we can possibly learn at this point about Bostons.


Brent found some crazy glasses….


We had one of those miraculous afternoons where Abbi took a long nap and it crossed over Lilli’s rest time (sometimes she sleeps, sometimes not so much). That allowed me to finish up the garden and Brent to do some unpacking in our office.  About the time rest time was ending, a big storm rolled in with some rain and thunder, but thankfully the rough stuff that had been predicted didn’t materialize.

A little playtime with Batman…..she is curious about everything these days….


Still not a connoisseur of peas…..


She probably walks about 10 miles a day in this thing….working on getting those legs strong.    And when Pippin comes into view she squeals.  That dog has both these girls wrapped around his nubbin of  a tail – I think he does it for all the snacks he knows he will get, both stolen and given.


Sweet little chubby legs!!


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