July 4th Holiday

July 4th this year was a complete and total wash-out from wake-up until bedtime.  The big plus of that is that when it’s rainy and dreary these girls sleep in even more than normal so it was 8:30 before anyone started waking up.  Heaven.  Lilli was bummed that we couldn’t do any of our normal July 4th things – swimming, cookouts, fireworks were canceled, etc that she asked if we could all stay in PJs for the day (done!) and when I asked her what special activity she wanted to do that we had not done in a while she declared we needed to make Christmas cookies.  Sounds good to me!!

Brent hung with Abbi while she and I mixed up the dough.


The recipe we follows calls for putting it in the fridge for an hour (I put it in the freezer instead so it’s nice and firm for rolling), so while it was hardening up the girls played with all the cookie cutters.  Lilli truly wanted to make Christmas cookies, but in the end we got her to pick a few other shapes as well – some Halloween, a set of dog biscuits, and some animals.  We narrowly convinced her to add a flag to the set, too!


During the wait-time Abbi went down for her nap and the girl slept THREE AND A HALF HOURS! Talk about a lazy 4th! She is the queen of 30-45 minute naps, so that was pretty much amazing and a huge gift to us for a little extra downtime and attention for big sis.  She rolled out and cut most of the shapes, and then got started on decorating.  I was cutting some of the remaining dough and looked over to find this:


The girl loves a sprinkle.  She had picked several out for each of their teachers to decorate “special”, which basically means to drown in sprinkles.  Oh well, a lot of my sprinkles were getting old anyway!! We made three trays, which took ages to bake thanks to the cheap-o appliances installed in this house.  I can’t wait to upgrade the kitchen and have fancy appliances again where I can bake all three trays of cookies at once.  I’ve been spoiled.


While Lilli had rest time I made some icing for the flag cookies I snuck in.  We put a few cookies in a little baggie for their teachers and included the special ones Lilli had decorated for each of them.


Some of the “harvest” from our garden recently.  We’ve been giving away a lot of things, and also just bought a pressure cooker this week so we can start preserving tomatoes into tomato sauce.  It’s been fun incorporating home grown things into our meal plan – tonight we had chicken fajitas feature green peppers from our garden.


Lilli was soaking up all the attention she could get that day, she asked Brent to go back in the Activity Center (what we call our extra master suite) and play with “just” her.  She didn’t even know about the treadmill since we don’t play back there much, so she had a blast walkin slowly on it and also playing with some of my other exercise equipment.


By dinnertime the fun of having a rainy, lazy day was starting to wear off – as shown by the upside down gymnastics during dinner when she should have been in her chair….


We wound down our day by watching Lilli’s class on the PBS link I shared earlier.  (There’s Lilli in the bright green dress).  She wasn’t all that interested in it or seeing her friends, but we thought it was a really cute piece and nice publicity for the school!


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