Sunday Cuties

(From Sunday, July 7th)

Sometimes we do better than others at getting a few pics of us dressed up and with hair semi-brushed for church, but anytime the girls are wearing matching dresses I try to get a couple – just in case we ever actually get a few things printed and framed around the house!  I may or may not have a few framed pics of Lilli as an infant I’m trying to pass off for Abbi on my desk at work.  No one but me will ever know the difference…..

Poor Abbi has had some runny, goopy eyes for a week now that started last Sunday morning.  There’s kind of a yellowish discharge and her eyes are runny, but otherwise it doesn’t seem to bother her – she doesn’t rub at them and they aren’t red.  We eventually went to the doctor Wednesday of last week – the problem had been intermittent so she didn’t think it was an infection, and today it got worse again so we called back and they called us in an antibiotic lotion that we hope will clear it up.


Sweet sisters in their Cheetah dresses (Buster Brown brand from Zulily – I paid $7 each in the Memorial Day blowout and they were just $4 each in the July 4th blowout but they had very few sizes left so I wouldn’t have been able to do matching looks).




Grabby McG going after my cookie – not a chance, slim!


We used some of our abundance of tomatoes in the garden to make a tomato sauce (also using fresh basil from the garden.) It was good, but not amazing.  It ended up being thinner than we like, so we’re going to try again with our next batch.


We ate dinner at Culver’s.  It’s a popular fast food restaurant that’s popped up in Mid Tn and is famous for their custard.  Personally I thought it was SUPER overpriced – my combo was $8 and that’s way too much for fast food.  The custard we got with Lilli’s kids meal was delicious though!!


We recently read a book from the church library about “crazy” plants that included the Venus fly trap, so we went to Lowes to buy one.  The only kit they had was one where you have to plant your own from dormant, so I’m really hoping it works.  Lilli is VERY excited about her plant!!


I don’t even remember posing for this but I thought it was too cute not to include!!


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