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We’re back from our great weekend away, and Abbi’s first out of state visit – Georgia.  I think Lilli is up to about 15 or so states now, it definitely slowed down a little last year when we went to Florida twice (Disney + Seaside), and this year with the addition of little sis who doesn’t love to ride in the car we haven’t been on any trips.  We had a ton of fun and are definitely looking forward to traveling more, not so much this year when I have hardly any vacation, but next year when it all re-ups.  Losing basically all of it for maternity leave with a January baby really stinks.

From August 22nd and 23rd….

Looking cute and having fun in her Exersaucer…she starts out here while we try to eat dinner but always ends up in a lap.  She needs to grow some teeth so she can eat what we are!


I think Lilli may be onto something.  Possibly the next trend to replace planking?


Tubby time for two.  Lilli loves to help wash her sister.  I think she primarily enjoys dumping water on her head and rough-housing her with soap.


Baby don’t care.


On that Friday night, Lilli and Brent went out on a date.  Since she and I had gone to the movies earlier in the week, she had also requested time with just him for later in the week.  They were originally going to ride bikes at the park, but once again it was rainy (ugh).  So they ended up eating her fave – Wendy’s.


And then their fave tradition is going to Dunkin Donuts.  We really like that they have a half dozen price (Krispy K does not).  However, the two they picked for me both had a bite missing.  Someone said she wanted to try it “to see if she liked it”.  Surprise, she did! That girl can put away some Dunkin Donuts! With Krispy Kremes she never ate more than the sprinkles, so we’ve definitely found a treat she can really get into.


They took their donuts over to Crockett Park and watched some sports practice while they ate.


Then they finally found the playground and Brent said it’s fantastic.  They were the only ones there, and had the run of the whole complex.  We’ll definitely have to go back with both kiddos!


This whole area was just for kids 5 and under.  Love that!!


While Brent and Lilli were out, Abbi and I had a “relaxing” night at home – she and I went out and got my favorite – Chic Fil A, and just played with toys and enjoyed some quiet alone time.

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