The Season of Giving

From December 19th-20th…

Abbi loves pushing the grocery cart around the atrium (younger kids indoor play area).  She is hilarious pushing it around since she’s so small!


All the gifts started pouring in and out during their last few days of school before Christmas.  Abbi’s teachers gave her a little book and Lilli was MORE than happy to help open it for her!


The old upstairs furnace got removed and replaced with something newer, safer, more efficient and mostly paid for by our first year home warranty.


Lilli and I worked on her gifts for her classmates and teachers and Abbi’s classmates and teachers.  I had Brent design us little tags for the girls and Lilli helped with all the hole punching, assembly and some wrapping.


The face of concentration.  It is a pretty hard core hole puncher!!


We also made brownies for her teachers and after they were in bed Brent and I made strawberry cheesecake bars for the teachers, too.  And Lilli had picked out Bath and Body Works lotions/gels for all her teachers and candles we wrapped up in bags.


Our finished goodies for Lilli’s classmates.  We bought little .49 cent wooden photo ornaments that you paint yourself at Party City for her friends.  It seemed like a fun little holiday activity for the kids and parents to do together.


And for Abbi’s classmates I bought some bubble sets and only used the red and green ones for each of her little friends.  I think they turned out very cute and were super inexpensive to make!


With a lot of friends already leaving for holiday breaks, when I picked her up early that Friday afternoon they had gotten all the roller skates out for the kids and she was just scooting around having a big time.


After eating out at our fave Mexican restaurant for dinner we ran into Walgreens for a few things and of course this happened.


The best way into her heart is with a muffin.  This girl has a love of carbs.  Her teachers loved her outfit that day and called her “Mrs Clause.” HA!


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