From April 19-20….

Lilli had been counting down for weeks to Easter this year.  She’s got a calendar on her wall and we write special days on it each month so she can see what’s coming and when. Some prior Easter pics: (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009) We got one semi-decent picture of them with their baskets.  It was late and there’s no way Abbi was going to be happy without her pacifier. waitingontheeasterbunny

No pacifier looked pretty much like this: IMG_9164

Most of our pictures looked like this – chaos. nightbeforeeaster

After they were tucked in, the Easter Bunny visited and brought them lots of goodies, some candy and a few outdoor toys to share.  And Brent ended up eating half the carrots on the plate before I saw what was going on and told him they’d expired three months earlier.  Ooops. IMG_9197

On Easter morning when we woke them up Abbi went straight for a ball.  And then was pretty happy and ready to just play with it. IMG_9225

Lilli went through both their baskets and was completely unable to look normal in pictures. IMG_9249                     Abbi was also pretty happy about some candy.  Their PJs were from Baby Gap and are the cutest thing ever. IMG_9247

After church we tried to get a good picture of us, but it was impossible.  They were both tired, hungry, and not wanting to stop and pose.  Abbi just wanted to play, so she was angry about being picked up.  When I grabbed a ball to get her to calm down Lilli got angry that it was “her” ball.  So between the crying and fit throwing there’s no framers this year! But we were nice and color coordinated with the girls in their matching dresses from Target, and Brent with his tie adding in pink with white polka dots.  And I love that Lilli wore her tiara headband which went perfectly with that dress.  And attitude. easterfamily                     Brent did get some nice pictures of them playing after we ate lunch.  Candid stuff is always prettier anyway. IMG_9291                                   IMG_9304

This one is one of my favorites. IMG_9305

Abbi loves her lawnmower so much.  And it also blows bubbles. IMG_9317

Dale taking a little cat-nap in our lettuce. IMG_4377

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