Matchy Matchy

From November 16 –

Walking out of church last Sunday.  Both of them have gotten such long hair!


I wanted a couple of pictures of them in their matching fall/Thanksgiving dresses.  I especially wanted one so we could compare back to last year when they wore them for their school pictures.  (No clue why it’s flipping it sideways.)

It was pouring rain outside so we were stuck indoors and it’s like herding cats to take their picture together anyway.  Lilli wanted her ear muffs and Elmo, and Abbi wanted Elmo.  Cue sister fight.


You do have to hand it to Lilli – she is definitely becoming a poser! I’m not sure it’s a GOOD pose though.  And we had given Abbi a sucker to get her to look at the camera.  That obviously wasn’t a great plan.


At this point you just pretty much want to give up.


About as good as it got…..which is still not really frame-able.  We swapped from a sucker to a cookie to get this one.


In other big news, Abbi has been telling us all the time lately when her diaper is dirty/wet and she’s been very insistent about it so we figured it was time to get The Singing Potty out of the attic as we took up our Halloween decorations into the attic.  She knew just what it was and was really excited about it.


Later that evening we let her practice and she actually sat there, looked at a book and went twice! We couldn’t believe it when we heard the potty start singing and we all got really excited and clapped for her and made a big deal of it.  I really didn’t think she’d understand that quickly and catch on.  She’s definitely not ready to be fully potty trained as far as wearing Pull Ups or really anticipating anything, but hopefully this all means in a few months she will be really excited about it.  She’s used it a couple more times last week, so hopefully these are all great signs for when she really is ready!











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