Shopping til we drop

Also from December 13th…

After naps and rest time we got our luminaries set out for the annual luminary night in Brentwood.  Everyone in our suburb gets provided white bags, sand and tea lights to burn and you all drive around and look at the lights.  It’s so pretty and a fun night in our area.


We looked at lights for a little bit and then went to do some shopping.  This year we let Lilli pick out all the family gifts.  So, if you got it – it came from her brain.  She did take a break and try out a massage chair at Bath and Body Works.  Her verdict – she loved it!


We put Abbi in one and she did not have the same experience – it about scared her to death!  Although we were already pretty certain she isn’t one for relaxing OR letting anyone else around her relax……


Lilli and I ran into Charming Charlie’s while Brent and Abbi stayed in the car – she and I picked out lots of pretty things for the ladies on our list and had a pretty good time playing in their ourselves.


I’m pretty certain she is definitely going to grow up to be a shop-girl! She really could have stayed and played in the jewelry store all night.

From there we had a quick dinner at Wendy’s, all shared a Frosty, and drove around to enjoy more Christmas lights.  I was pretty glad we got all the shopping done since right at midnight the stomach virus that had been going around Abbi’s school struck our house with a vengeance.  Not fun.


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