Getting Away from the Stomach Bug…..

From December 14th-18th…..

So the stomach bug from Abbi’s school hit her at midnight Saturday night, just as Brent and I were going to bed.  She started crying while I was washing up so I thought maybe I’d just woken her up heading upstairs.  Much to my surprise/disgust, when I went digging around in her bed looking for her pacifier I got a WHOLE handful of something else.  She’d gotten sick everywhere and was just pitiful.  Brent had already complained that he didn’t feel good, so while she was getting sick a few more times he started getting sick and I was on my own.  I ended up having to “sleep” with Abbi on me until about 4 in the morning in the chair in her room before she was okay and would sleep on her own.

Lilli slept through everything and the next morning found Brent on the couch downstairs (looking for her Elf), asked what was going on, and decided we should probably not take our germs to church. Ha! I think not.  I got up a while later and Abbi woke up mostly better.  She asked to borrow my phone and asked it “how to get away from the stomach bug”.  By this point I wasn’t feeling great but never got nearly as sick as Brent or Abbi.

























Our day looked a lot like this.  Poor Lilli was in charge.  She pretty much got to watch all the cartoons she wanted.

IMG_6637It’s impossible to keep them apart, so we were just waiting for Lilli to catch it but somehow she never did.  Abbi’s stomach was pretty messed up for a couple more days and we had a ton of laundry that week.  Stomach bugs are just about my least favorite.


I was determined not to have wrapping be so last minute this year, and Lilli and I did a great job about staying on top of things.  She did most of our ribbon decor – ribbons were in direct correlation to your age – so Great Granny had a ton.


Looking cute and waiting on the bus.



Also looking cute one morning before school.


Our little stinker!


The last night of gymnastics before winter break! They let them have a few extra leaps into the foam pit before class got started.


The flu has been everywhere and the girls still didn’t have their shots so we took them one night to the walk in clinic.  Since they’re both in Brentwood during the day it’s so hard to get them and get back to Green Hills to their pediatrician and they had just reported a case of flu at Abbi’s daycare.  The nurses at the desk were really friendly and asked Lilli if she wanted a mask for “dress up”.  She did, and has had a ball playing with it.


Cookies, cookies, cookies.  I made a ton of cookies to give away that week.  It’s a ton of fun but also so much work.  The busiest part of Christmas is always that last week leading up to it with gifts to hand out everywhere!!


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