Another Day at the Zoo

From May 3-5……

After church we tried to get a good pic of the 3 kids, two of whom had on matching dresses.  One of them definitely wasn’t cooperating.


But overall I don’t think Olli was the main reason we didn’t get a good shot.


While Abbi was napping Brent told Lilli they could go out for a daddy-daughter date.  He let her pick anywhere she wanted, including any of the places we have memberships to (Frist, Cheekwood, Adventure Science or the Zoo) and she wanted to go back to the zoo.  Hilarious! So, the zoo two days in a row it was.


I think the big hit of the day was the bottomless Icee cup.  And the petting zoo is always a favorite.


Goat selfies are a must.


And the bottomless Icee cup got filled SEVEN times.  That’s a lot of sugar and Icee for the two of them, even on a warm day.  And let’s just say the sugar definitely kicked in that evening.


And while they were gone and Abbi napped I spent the afternoon cleaning out my side of the closet.  I got rid of a ton of things I don’t wear and really got it organized.  A HUGE improvement over the mess since we pretty much moved in and just threw it all in.


Abbi’s school had a Mother’s Day picnic.


Some mornings it’s just too hard to get out of bed.


Lilli’s school work was hilarious.  They had to write about “when they’re grouchy” and it pretty much boils down to grocery stores, her mean sister, waking up and getting clean.  And Abbi and her hitting are bad enough she made the list twice.


And on Cinco de Mayo we got some of our first strawberries out of our garden! We had a nice little crop to eat this year but two little thieves ate them as fast as we could pick them on the first few rounds of ripe berries.


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