Projects, Pottying and Playgrounds – Sept 10-12

Lilli had been working on a project for school. The kids had to make a poster explaining a family tradition. Of course Lilli made a poster about Christmas because it combined 2 of her favorite things: playing with her cousins and getting presents.IMG_2435

We are still working with Abbi on potty training. This has been a long road. This “phase” she would go into the bathroom, close the door, pull down her pants (but not her pullup) and squat BESIDE the potty. After she finished she’d wipe the OUTSIDE of her pullup and continue on her way. I feel like we could have a breakthrough moment anytime now…IMG_2443

Rachel was getting her hair prettied up on Saturday so I loaded the girls up and headed to the park. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the windows down and a little wind through our hair.IMG_2500Sweet sisters.IMG_2506Lilli is getting so good at the monkey bars. I’ve been working on them myself but she can still swing laps around me. She’s getting strong enough and her arms are getting long enough that she’s starting to skip bars. Abbi has gotten big enough to travel the whole playground by herself and use all of the slides. She loves to be Ms. Independent. Our little girls are growing up.IMG_2537

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