Christmas Day 2015

From Christmas Day…..

The girls are great about not waking up too early on Christmas (awesome!!) and they are also really good about coming to get us before they go downstairs which is nice.  Who would want to miss this excited face over her new car mat?? This girl loves her cars (and baby dolls).  She’ll either be a nursery worker or a valet parker when she grows up.


The girls were also really excited about their new kitchen.  The loaded it up with their Shopkins and played for a very long time.


A messy and happy toy strewn living room for Christmas.  Olli was loving his new toys, too.


One of Abbi’s presents was her very own robe.  There’s nothing cuter than a 2 year old in a fuzzy robe.  She was so proud to have a robe like her big sis and mom for PJ nights.


Of course we had to try out the new cotton candy machine! It has made us the coolest house for sleepovers this year.


We keep it simple on holiday meals – we used to make big dinners for us and it wasn’t worth all the mess and stress – we all loved some baked ravioli.  The gun show was an added bonus.


Sweet Abbi and her new sleeping bag – she wants to be just like her big sis and her friends and once she got a sleeping bag she slept in it, on the floor, for months.  Every nap and every bedtime.  For months.

It was a very Minnie and Shopkins Christmas – lots of playtime, new toys and relaxation – we never got out of our jammies all day!


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