Santa’s Haul

From Christmas Eve….

I’m just getting back into the hang of WordPress….after a long break it’s time to catch up.  Lilli enjoys reading the story of her life too much to let it go after 7 years, but I don’t plan to be quite as detailed going forward.  So maybe I can catch up the past 6 months fairly quickly!

Abbi’s gifts from Santa – mostly Minnie everything and cars.  She’s easy to please and doesn’t want much except your time.  She got a little Minnie suitcase, sleeping bag, car, and her car mat with a few new cars – easily her favorite thing she got for Christmas.


Santa got the girls a new play kitchen – an amazing deal at Sam’s (like $40!) – their old kitchen wasn’t in great shape and they still like to play kitchen.  Due to its size, Santa needed to assemble it in our house – thus creating the Christmas Eve drama.


And Lilli’s loot – some Shopkins and her real cotton candy maker.  Santa kept it pretty lean this past year because these kids have TOO MANY TOYS!


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