Littlest Gymnast

From January 4 – 7….

Sometimes in winter you just need to paint your nails to occupy all those dark hours at night….


Brent did an overhaul on the girls’ bathroom and it ended up looking so cute.  We went with a blue-gray paint and got the cutest accessories from HomeGoods to make it cute/girly with a French flair.  We added pretty chandelier type lights and the whole thing ended up being a cute, quick, low budget makeover from what was a very boring bathroom.


We got the girls started on doing chores – helping with dishes, counter cleaning, loading and unloading the dishwasher – they’re old enough to help with these things – and they often fight about who gets to do what.


Lilli in her cat shirt, cat leggings, and dog socks – relaxing with her dog.


Abbi finally got to start gymnastics! She’s been wanting to do “big gymnastics” forever and when I signed her up they said she could start a couple of weeks before she turned 3 since she had a sibling enrolled.  She was a little shy the first night and VERY lost on how to follow directions but she loved it.


Doing the bear crawl on the bars…..


And working on her cartwheel.  She was so proud of herself that first night and getting to do something she’s only gotten to watch big sister do up until that point.  Ever since she gets SO excited about gymnastics and often pretends she’s Coach Jackie at home and makes up little obstacle courses.


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