The Jeep Life

From January 3rd….

I don’t remember all the way back to January 3, but I’m guessing after church I asked Brent to take a few pics of the girls – I’ve always loved this little Le Top corduroy dress, first on Lilli and then on Abbi. Their little dresses are so cute and I wish they made them in larger sizes so I always get a little sad when they start getting snug.

When I first started looking through the pics I was trying to decide what bribe Brent had to use to get Abbi to pose.


And then the tiny little trickle started getting bigger….


Yup.  Chocolate.  This girls is such a mess.  Literally.  And her hair has grown so much since January!! Everywhere we go people comment about her hair and how pretty she is.  Poor Lilli gets so jealous at times when people make over Abbi and that hair.


Sweet sisters.


Lilli and those boots.  She wore them ALL winter and well into summer with shorts and everything else until she literally wore a hole in them.


Such cute girls.  This will be them one day in their very own Jeep.


Sister races across the yard.  Abbi is hilarious in her little ATV.  She rides it all over the yard.  Best consignment buy ever! And the Jeep I got from a coworker – also a fantastic deal the girls have loved!


Racing on a mild winter day.  Mild winters are the best!


Abbi is a HELPER.  And man, it can drive you nuts.  She just wants to be beside you and will help you with literally anything you are doing – laundry, trash, dishes, chores – she just wants to be part of it.  And God help you if you don’t want her help – because that is just not an option with her! She’s the same way at school – teachers tell us she loves to help them and the other kids as well.  If she doesn’t end up being a valet (because of her love of parking cars!) maybe she’ll end up as a nurse or teacher.


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