Vacation Day 6: Silver Dollar City

From July 14th…..

We got up, skipped a REALLY bad breakfast in our gross motel, and then got over to Silver Dollar City around opening time.  The girls were SO excited to spend all day riding rides.

One of the first ones we went for was the big “rafting” river ride.  Abbi was just barely tall enough to ride most of the “bigger” type rides.  She was nervous at first but ended up loving it, and basically we got DRENCHED all day.  The lines weren’t bad at all, rarely more than 10 minutes long, so as soon as we got off some things we got right back on.


A different boat ride had promised the “wettest you’ll get all day” and when we’d ridden it the day before we barely gotten wet.  This day though – totally different story.  The evening before no one had been manning the soaker stations – but during the day tons of kids loved pegging you with these water cannons and you had nowhere to hide.  We were absolutely soaked all the way to our core and they LOVED it.


After the ride – you get sprayed in the face over and over from the sidelines and the other boats.  Most of the time people wouldn’t spray Abbi since she’s so “cute” and “little” but occasionally you’d get a tween boy who would let her have it!


Both girls on the smaller swings….


And Brent and I would take turns taking a few minutes to ourselves to ride the really big kid stuff neither girl was tall enough for.  I go more for the big, spinning, twirling things…


and he’d take a roller coaster break.


Abbi is a ride demon – she’ll try anything she’s big enough for….mostly.


Little Miss Big girl.


We knew all day that storms would be heading in and we just tried to ride as much as we could.  We watched part of a show but it was just awful and we were having a lot more fun riding so we snuck out.  We stayed until the lightning started and they started shutting down the rides one by one.


We definitely wish we’d been able to stay even longer, but obviously the girls were pretty worn out!


We headed back down through Missouri as we made our way home and for our final night in a hotel we stayed in a really nice full-service Holiday Inn that even had an arcade! The girls had fun playing a few arcade style games and roaming the halls peaking into the meeting rooms and restaurant.


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