Welcome to Canada!

From Sept 25th…..

The line to get through customs wasn’t too bad, and probably only took us about 20 minutes to cross over into Canada and get our passports checked.  We were so glad to finally have a use for them since we got them right before finding out we were pregnant with Abbi!  Lilli’s actually expires this year and we still need to get one for Abbi.


Welcome to Ontario!


We had a gorgeous view of Toronto for much of our drive across Lake Ontario.


Approaching Toronto.  It was such a beautiful city – roughly the population of Chicago, and so many of the buildings were white/glass.  Everyone had said it was a very clean city and it didn’t disappoint.  It was definitely crazy driving in the metric system – from the speed to distance we were constantly doing math!


Approaching downtown.


I booked us a boutique hotel called the Executive Cosmopolitan downtown.  I wanted to stay right in the middle of the city near transit and avoid having to drive and I also wanted somewhere cozy and not a large, noisy chain.  This place did not disappoint.


We had a gorgeous 1 bedroom studio overlooking downtown offices.  We could totally pictures ourselves living in this tiny apartment and being city dwellers in our younger years.


Cozy furniture, clean lines, small kitchen.  What else do you need??


View down to the street with a streetcar passing below. We were also right above a Subway.


The concierge and staff were so friendly.  We talked to them for a few minutes for dinner ideas and best directions to head and we ended up in a cute little theater neighborhood with tons of dinner choices.  We always love Indian and rarely go there with the kids so we split our usual Chicken Korma and Tikka Masala with some garlic naan and it was hands down my favorite meal of the entire trip.  Indian food in Canada? Yes, please.  We’re so multi-cultural.


And we grabbed our first of about thirty cups of coffee in Toronto and headed back to our room to relax and prop our feet up.    Hello Toronto!


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