A Few of our Favorite Things – Abigail

There’s really not much Abbi will need this Christmas either, especially considering she won’t be born yet so I’ll pretty much be handling most of what she wants (which is primarily just to pummel my internal organs 24-7 and make me hungrier than a horse!)

We had a shower for her last weekend and got several of the things off our Target list.  But, people just love to buy clothes (and who can blame them since little girl stuff is just SO cute), so we really didn’t get many of the things we actually could use – like Pampers and Pampers wipes! Out of probably more than 30 gifts we still only got two packs of diapers and a ton more cute little girl clothes.  So between a few new things I’ve bought, Lilli’s massive arsenal of clothing (surprisingly hardly anything got stained! Once we figured out she was lactose intolerant the girl hardly ever spit up), and the new things others have bought us this girl is set! The only thing she doesn’t have much of is 0-3 month winter dresses, and we would only need 1-2 of those since it will be warming up pretty soon after we really start taking her out to church.

We could also use some new burp cloths.  I have all of Lilli’s old ones but some of them are so dingy a few new ones for when we go out places would be nice.

We’ll need a second baby monitor since we still use Lilli’s to hear what she’s up to.  I’m sure we’ll have a secure web cam up there like we do in Lilli’s room, so we don’t need video.  I like this AngelCare one that also gives you room temp since that’s something we’ll be monitoring upstairs. 

With Abbi we’ll have the whole upstairs/downstairs dilemma for some things, and a second swing would come in handy.  Our swing with Lilli is a big Papasan type thing and I used to drag it all through the house with me and I wish I had had a smaller more portable one with her as I was lugging that big one everywhere.  There’s no way I can get that thing up and down the stairs!!   One of these small/portable ones would come in handy for downstairs, working in the yard, traveling, etc.  Lilli practically lived in her swing and I can’t even tell you the number of times we drug that huge thing out in the yard while we did yardwork!!

And we’ll need a second chair since we still use Lilli’s rocker every night, reading stories and hanging out in her room.  This time I’d like something more like this glider, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about this brand. 

Other than just those few things, little sister is going to benefit from all of big sister’s old hand-me-down toys, clothes, books and gear!

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