A Case of the Grouchies

From March 4th-8th….

That week we had to take Abbi for her (about) 6 week check-up to the doctor.  Everything checked out perfectly and she was running right on track with her growth.  The worst part was the three shots and one oral vaccine she had to get, ugh.  I had forgotten how unpleasant it is to watch all those shots happen!












It turns out Lilli taunts both Abbi and Pippin with her snacks now!











I’m not sure if it was the shots, or that she was just hitting her 6 week growth spurt, but she had a serious case of the total grouchies for about 48 hours.   Lilli’s was awful so we were watching for one with Abbi and we got it.  She did come out of it sleeping through the night once and for all, so I guess that was worth it, but man, she was so fussy for a couple of days that it was impossible to do anything but rock and sway with her.  So exhausting.












Deja vu also repeated itself with Pippin and diapers.  About this time with Lilli he ate an entire trash can of dirty diapers.  This time he ate quite a few clean ones and shredded them all over the dining room floor one morning while I was dropping Lilli off at school.  Ugh, but much easier to clean up than dirty ones – although he needs to realize those things cost money! He did that one more time when I left to drop Lilli off, so now he’s gated up in the bonus room when we leave and doesn’t have free reign of the house.











One night that week Michelle and I went consignment shopping and the boys did the babysitting.   Of course Lilli and Serif were in their pajamas….










A few days after this when she was picking a movie to watch while I cooked she saw Jungle Book and got all excited because Serif has a Jungle Book app.  I think that was the first time she had watched that one – the lack of princess in it has prevented it from being a pick before then!











We got Pippin a new little bed – but hey, it fits! His sleeping spot in the new house is right outside our door in a little offset of the hallway.  However, he has been known to wander into Lilli’s room for her cozy reading corner and all its blankets, which leads to middle of the night screaming from her.











Little Miss started enjoying her Bumbo seat!











And she also enjoys a good workout and grabbing for her toys on her play mat!






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