Summer Living…

From August 11th – 14th….

I always try to get a pic of the girls, formal or informal, after church on Sundays.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.  I thought this one of them in their white dresses turned out so cute! Don’t they just look like sweet angels???


I had to go and pick up the items that didn’t sell from the consignment sale I did earlier in the month.  Somehow Brent AND both girls ended up tagging along with me? I’m not sure how I got suckered out of that alone time, but they played out on the playground while I got my check and leftover stuff.  I’m going in on a sale with a couple of other girls later this week, so hopefully I’ll unload more things this week, and I have two more coming up.  My goal is to be rid of most of my maternity and newborn things this month!

Isn’t this just a preview of 12 years down the line when Lilli gets her license??


Don’t ever ask Lilli what she wants to eat because she’ll always tell you mac n cheese.  We decided to have some dinner at Cracker Barrel.  When we walked in she informed us her grandparents had taken her there and named off all the things they had bought her, it took us a while to realize she was talking about something that had happened when we were in the hospital with newborn Abbi!


Abbi immediately grabbed this display piece when we sat down.  And about three seconds later tossed it in the floor and it broke.  Naturally we hid it behind other stuff on the table.  Our plan would have been fool-proof if Lilli didn’t tell our waitress exactly what happened the second she got to our table.  Thanks Lilli!


She picked candy corn as a special treat the other day – Brent is trying to teach her how to do vampire teeth with them….


Just me and my big 10-year old! It’s hard to believe he’s been around for that long! Poor guy is definitely having more trouble with the stairs, and is also deciding on days his arthritis isn’t actually acting up that he’d prefer to be carried.


A taste of our summer nights…..Lilli in the swing and Abbi and I walking around in the background.


I had a friend at church make some lovies for Abbi and monogram her name on them.  They turned out so cute and one morning both the girls had their lovies in Abbi’s crib.  She sleeps with it every night now!


A little sisterly love….


Lilli’s class took a field-trip down to the water park on the River on what was literally the only sunny day that week! Their field trip was supposed to be the prior week but it was rained out, no big surprise on the summer we’ve had.  It was a perfect day for it, and just warm enough in the sun for water play to be fun, but not so hot the parents were miserable.

I walked down towards the end of the field trip, for their picnic on the River.


I did get to watch them play for just a minute before it was lunch-time. (Lilli is out in the middle, running towards the back.)


She was definitely in one of those moods where she did not want to share me with other kids, at all, and pretty much told another girl that when she wanted to put her blanket near ours.  She can certainly be in moods like that these days now that she has to share me with a little sister who is a total Momma’s girl and won’t even let me walk out of the room without throwing a fit.  So, these field trips are a great time for just us “big girls” to spend some time together.


After their lunch running around the bicycle racks was huge entertainment!  (Lilli has on bright green water shoes and a floral tankini.)


Then it was time to head back to school for nap time.  The kids always do a great job walking through the city, and “holding the rope” to stay together.  It was just over a half mile walk each way for them, and a full mile each way for me.  A nice bit of exercise for us all!


Looking cool in Daddy’s sunglasses! (Just playing in his car – we always ride in car seats!)


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