From August 15th – 18th….

Brent came down with a weird rash this particular week.  It had started with his hand being itchy after working in the garden (picking our never ending squash, we’re pretty much ready for some bug or animal to take those two plants down…) and then seemed to spread to his chin, stomach, etc.  All the creams we had weren’t doing any good, so he went to the Minute Clinic one day during lunch and they diagnosed him as having some sort of poison ivy/oak type rash.  He’s been on an insane amount of steriods and pills – starting with six of them the first day along with a Zyrtec.  The first few days he felt pretty messed up on that much medicine, and thankfully none of us caught the rash.


On this particular Friday night we tried one of the many Mexican restaurants in our new neighborhood – this time Cinco de Mayo.  It was really good – minus that the hot dog Lilli selected was wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried.  We really didn’t expect that, but it was easy enough to peel off for Miss Picky Pants.  I guess that’s what you deserve for ordering a hot dog at a Mexican joint.

This girl loooooves her a sippy cup.  It keeps her entertained for tens of minutes, long enough for us to generally eat at a restaurant.  It gets dropped on the floor three dozen times, but that’s what wipes are for.


I’m sure people love being seated near us in a restaurant.


Afterwards we checked out our neighborhood Baskin Robbins.  They didn’t have a ton of lactose-free options, but they did have this rainbow sherbet, so thankfully Lilli was easily convinced to order that.  We’ve got quite a few ice cream, fro yo and gelato places nearby we still need to try in order to determine the best lactose free options for her and Brent.


We’ve had so much fun with our fire pit this summer! We’ve gotten more use from it this year than all the previous years combined.


We’ve started harvesting Lilli’s sunflower seeds.  The heads are absolutely ENORMOUS.  We’re going to have a ton of sunflowers seeds to toast and try some things with.


These kittens are hilarious.  They’re just little wild animals, climbing trees and chasing each other around.  This morning they were on the front porch staring in the sidelights at Pippin and slapping the glass where his little face was.  They are pretty much fearless and Pippin doesn’t have a clue how to react to them!


Saturday night we got a babysitter (Mrs Tina, one of Abbi’s teachers) to come and babysit the girls.  (The only pic Brent got and Lilli is picking her nose!! Awesome!) It has been forever – literally 16 months since we’ve had a sitter.  That is CRAZY!! We just got so busy when we were pregnant, then fixing up the house to sell, and then moving and having a new baby that we just haven’t gotten out.  And Lilli was at the stage where we could go nice places and stay out somewhat late, so it really wasn’t a big deal.  We met some friends at a nice restaurant in Germantown (Silo) and had a very nice and “fancy” dinner.  They also have two kids so we wanted to be certain we ended up somewhere where there definitely would not be any kids! Our food was delicious and we had SO much fun just having uninterrupted conversation.  Our kids are great friends but it seems that you never get to finish a thought without one of them getting in the middle of it.  We definitely plan to do more “couples” date nights and we’ll most certainly be getting back in the hang of going out.  Both girls did great and had a fun night without us.


Watching big sis in church on Sunday morning.  How cute are those tiny flip flops???


Not a great sister picture!!


It definitely wasn’t in the cards to get much of them that day……


Lilli was definitely in one of those moods where she needed some time away from little sis (and all the trouble she gets in for hounding little sis, acting out for attention and so on…) so while Abbi was taking her afternoon nap we gave her the choice of picking one of us and going out to do whatever she wanted.  She ended up picking me and saying she wanted to go to the movies.  The only kid things playing at our theater were Planes and Smurfs 2, and after watching the trailer she picked Smurfs.  It was okay, about what you’d expect a Smurfs movie to be like.


But she had a great time and we gorged ourselves on popcorn and soda.  She can literally eat her body weight in popcorn.
















Afterwards she wanted to go to Toys R Us and pick out a special toy, since we don’t do date nights that often we usually let her get a new toy just for her.  Naturally she hit up the Princess aisle and got a little Snow White cottage that goes along with several others she has.  Luckily it is something I know she’ll play with a lot, the princess figurines come out just about every evening.


Sweet little girlie!


Pippin is never going to give up his spot next to me, no matter how many additional hands and feet there are in the house now!!


Tubby time!


I think this is her “Chinese water torture won’t work on me face”.


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