From January 7 – 11….

Brent stayed home with Abbi on that Tuesday since she started running her 101 fever, and Lilli and I headed off to work and school in the awesome 2 degree weather.  Ugh.  We are all so over winter and our dry, cracked hands and being bundled up all the time!


When I picked up Lilli she was having a great time in block area with a couple of the boys, and had built this amazing zoo with animals, people looking at them, and then a parking garage where all the people parked.  All of her buildings are always very specific with their ordering and she really gets into a lot of logic and specific design with her structures.  She’s an analytical one…


Abbi still had raspy breathing and a low fever that evening.  While Lilli and I were gone to gymnastics she decided to start walking though! She took off across the room for the remote, and then just decided she was ready to be a walker! She also decided Pippin was irresistible in his cold weather wear.


On Wednesday Brent stayed home with Abbi again, and we made her a doctor’s appointment.  Her fever wasn’t going away, and she still had a raspy sound to her breathing at times.  It turns out she had RSV as well as a double ear infection (her first ear infections!) She hadn’t been sleeping great, but she had been sleeping better than Lilli ever did at that age with an ear infection.

Do you love the diaper bag Brent took? That would be her lunchbox that he stuck a couple of diapers in.


Since Abbi had not been fever-free for 24 hours, I stayed home on Thursday and let Lilli stay with me.  With some antibiotics in her system, she was feeling much better.


Daddy pile up!


On Friday morning, for the first time all week, ALL four of us headed back to work and school.  However, that morning when we woke up Lilli started coughing and I knew she was about to come down with a cold because that’s always how it starts with her.  Her voice sounded terrible and her head was starting to get stuffy.  Instead of catching RSV she came down with a bad cold from her sister.

On Saturday morning her nose was running and her eyes were running too and she was having the hardest time understanding why she was crying when she really wasn’t! It was finally a gorgeous, sunny day after all the cold we had endured all week, so we did bundle up our sickos and head to the park for a few minutes.  I figured Vitamin D would be a great drug for them both.


She was a pretty good trooper to play while feeling crummy, I think we were just all so excited to see the sun and not need giant coats.


They did a lot of swinging.


And we did a short walk around the library to get a little exercise.  It was nice to get out of the house for a bit since Lilli was about to get knocked down backwards by this cold!


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