Adventures with Daddy

From April 7th….

The second day of the girls’ Spring Break was the following Monday, so Brent stayed home with them so I could work and get caught up on some big projects.  They spent most of the day at the Adventure Science Center taking advantage of our membership, and I definitely would have much rather been hanging out with them. We always have to pose at the body heat screen.  There’s just something about that one… IMG_4128

With it being a weekday right after all the Spring Breaks, it really wasn’t all that crowded and they actually ran into several of her schoolmates looking for something to do on this rainy/chilly day.  One little boy is an only child, and since Abbi still isn’t all that great to play with, the two of them pretty much stuck together and had a ton of fun running around the place and playing. IMG_4134

Poor little Abbi, all dressed up and nobody to play with….. IMG_4152

Lilli and Miller working together on something.  He’s in her class, and they really don’t normally play together that much (as in he’s not one of her best buds) so it’s kind of funny how much they stuck together.  But, I think they’re both the sort of kid that would rather play with someone else than alone.  And he’s definitely one of the calmer boys in her class. IMG_4162   These gloomy skies definitely called for a day indoors at the Science Center! IMG_4167                       She is at least getting bigger to enjoy doing some of these hands on things and getting to participate in outings more.  This can be a good thing or a bad things since she’s also discovered the art of the temper tantrum lately.  And by “art” I mostly mean throwing her body on the ground (gingerly, of course) any and every time she doesn’t get her way – like when I stopped her from eating a rock last weekend. IMG_4186

When they got home, and after Abbi’s nap, they worked on some artwork together.  So cute to see them drawing together.  Abbi loved to “color” and seems to really have an interest in art.  I think Lilli’s artwork and drawings are absolutely adorable, so we may have two little artists on our hands! IMG_4233

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