100 years!

From May 10th…..

In May, Brent’s grandmother turned 100 years old so we headed down to Hampshire for her big birthday party.  Except there was one major kink – a bad traffic accident had happened at our exit where a police officer was killed by a motor home, and traffic was TERRIBLE! The interstate was shut down and everything was being rerouted through our neighborhood and it was a nightmare getting out of the city! IMG_6668

We finally made it and she had a big turnout at the party. IMG_6678

Of course Lilli had a great time running around with her big cousins, and Abbi had a good time exploring and going in and out and up and down and everywhere. IMG_5393

And of course Abbi enjoyed some cake.  I’m not sure Lilli even ate a bite, but Abbi won’t pass up food at any occasion. IMG_5400

Abbi the Ham and her “Cheese” Face. IMG_5398

Later that night back at home Lilli was back to checking on all her snails. IMG_5411                                       Things that make Brent mad: Cats napping on cars. IMG_6714

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