All About Snuggly

From June 16-19……

Snuggly has been the center of lots of attention lately – particularly from little sis who quickly figured out the cage is on wheels and can easily be pushed all over Lilli’s room.     IMG_9035                       Even though Snuggly is around, Pippin is definitely not forgotten.  Lilli has a picture of him taped to her headboard and often kisses him good night, and nearly every day she asks me when our family is going to get another dog.  Every day when I’m sweeping up the kitchen floor I think about the same thing.  I don’t think we ever understood just how clean he kept our house!! IMG_9050

We had some extra time on this Tuesday night before gymnastics and we were playing in the yard when a rainstorm came out of nowhere and we were treated to this rainbow! IMG_6561                                       So pretty! (The rainbow, not necessarily this crazy “cheese” face!) IMG_9078                       So sweet.   IMG_9097

Group hug for Snugs. IMG_9102

She’s got this! (Mostly all over her face though!) IMG_9131

She finally worked her way up to not being scared of holding her and carrying her around.   IMG_9185

Sonic had a special on milkshakes to kick off Summer Solstice. IMG_9196

We should have just gotten her her own. IMG_9201

This house is full of all kinds of tumbling and gymnastics at all times…. IMG_9212                                       Here’s hoping one day our little Mary Lou ends up winning a gold medal! IMG_9215

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