Moving On

From November 2 – 6….

Abbi just being cute.  Her hair is getting so long! It’s crazy how much more hair she has than Lilli did at this age.


Brent’s trying to run up his medical insurance before the end of the year and deductibles/plans change substantially.  So I needed to drive him home and he was a little……loopy.  This was around the time he got really excited that I knew what he’d want from Chic Fil A.  I didn’t really think it was such a huge milestone since we’ve probably eaten there about 3 million times over the last 19 years.


The crazy train doesn’t fall far from the tree.


A rainy wait for the bus.

IMG_4302Brent was able to go to “Breakfast with your Bear” and have breakfast with Lilli and then shop the book fair.  We let her pick out a few things and her big “pick” was a princess cookbook with all of the favorite foods of her favorite people.


And in other news, little sis has been telling us for a few weeks now every time she has a wet/dirty diaper so we’re starting to put her on the potty and start some basic potty training.  She seems really interested in it but neither one of us really think she’s ready to be full potty trained.  I’m hoping for around Easter like Lilli was.  Having no more diapers would be an amazing day around here!!


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