Spring Break, Day 2 Part 2: Harmony Safari Park

From March 20th….

With Starbucks in hand and a toddler who at least had a short car nap, we arrived at Harmony Safari Park.   Lilli has actually been to three – two in Virginia (one and two ) and one in Texas (that didn’t make the blog), as well as the one at Animal Kingdom.  She doesn’t remember any of them, so we showed her pictures before our trip and she was SO excited to go.


Visitors beware – this old school place only takes cash and checks, and I didn’t bring my checkbook with me so we were only able to get a couple cups of feed.  It turned out fine, but we really got lucky we had ANY cash with us!

Lilli’s first reaction to seeing all the wild animals headed towards our car:


And Abbi’s first reaction to all the safari craziness:


We let Abbi come up in the front seat in my lap, and Lilli unbuckled so she could hop around the back seat.  Abbi had no fear of the animals and went right to hand feeding them and feeling around in all their mouths.


The emus and ostriches are my least favorite – those crazy long necks just come right in your car! And those pointy beaks just scare me to death.  Lilli’s favorite thing was telling me an emu was coming just to see how fast I could get my window up!


It was a rainy, quiet day and we had the place pretty much to ourselves – which made for hungry, friendly animals.


Abbi loving every second…….


Crazy emu in my car…….


We`had tons of animal hair, mud and a few scratches on our car afterwards.


It was pretty crazy seeing large animals in our rear view/side mirror cameras!! That is definitely not the norm!


When the big bison come up to your window it’s a LITTLE intimidating.


Every other safari we’ve been on has told us not to feed the zebra or roll down the window for them, but these zebra were really friendly.  It’s so cool to have a zebra come right up to your car for a snack!


And at the very end this llama grabbed the feed cup right out of our hand.  It was hilarious! Brent and a car full of screaming girls.  It was a great way to end the safari part of the drive.


They also had a reptile house that was possibly the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.  A little house of various lizards and snacks in pet carriers, aquariums, and random things used as cages.  And the smell in there.  Goodness.  It was a reptile house of horrors.


Curio cabinets with snakes…..so random.  And so frightening.


They also had a giraffe in a barn and monkeys in cages.


We all loved the Safari Park and it ended up being everyone’s highlight of the trip.  It’s hard to top feeding zebras and llamas and random animals you can touch.

Not a highlight – Abbi finding a pen and the ottoman.


We had dinner at a great Mexican restaurant near our hotel and headed to Target for a little shopping and some cupcakes.


Sisters having a great time shopping.


And sisters having another sleepover.  We let them stay up late both nights so they’d be tired – and Lilli definitely was.  Forty-five minutes after we put them to bed, and we were already asleep, Abbi came in our room with her pajamas off.  Brent took her back in and she had gotten a ton of toys out of their bag and had them all over Lilli.  Lilli slept through the whole thing and didn’t have a clue what we were talking about the next morning.  Once Brent took her back to bed she stayed in and they had another great night together.


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