Splish Splash

From May 26 – 29….

We’re almost out of May, woo hoo!! Maybe I can be caught up before school starts again, as if!

School was out and it’s time for summer! It was definitely a different summer trying to plan out all of Lilli’s activities way back in the winter (in February!) but it actually ended up being incredibly easy and we way a lot more choices than weeks in the summer! Her school has a program for each week, with two field trips each week, but we ended up not even picking any weeks there because there was so many other options around town.


Her first (partial) week of summer she spent at the Y near our house at “Splash Camp”.  They played a lot of games outside, worked on swim technique and water safety.  They did lots of arts and crafts and just had a great time.  I felt like that was a great way to kick off summer and make sure she’d be ready for lots of pool time.  She LOVED it! The Y counselors are all young and fun and to make it easier for kids they go by Disney names.  All her counselors are literally named Elsa, Olaf, Pocahontas, etc.  And the kids love it.  She had a great week and it was nice that it was close to our house so either one of us could pick her up or drop her off.


After gymnastics one night – the girls were watching Ninja Warrior and Abbi was trying out some big girl undies.  Potty training is……not going the best.  Just when the dog quits peeing on the carpet the two year old starts.


Showing their muscles, checking their undies and watching American Ninja Warrior.


Sister laughs.  Abbi actually came down with a stomach bug that week and had been up throwing up most of the night one night.  It was one of those awful bugs where she’d start to kick it and then would be back to under the weather.  Not a fun way to kick off summer!


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