Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

From August 16 – 19….

When Lilli picks a color palette she sticks to it.  No doubt about that.


During Abbi’s nap time, Brent took her on a “date” and she picked the Frist for an afternoon adventure.  The best thing about afternoon dates is that we have memberships pretty much everywhere in town now to save on Summer Camps, so it’s really easy to give her lots of free/cheap options for activities!


They enjoyed the exhibits and spent a lot of time in the kid Artquest area making their own drawing, paintings and animation.


While they were gone, I did a ton of work towards the start of consignment season.  I dropped off for my first of three sales, and in the end filled this closet up twice with clothes.  The last sale just ended and I have hardly anything left and I am GLAD of that! Tons of little girl clothes that Abbi wore last winter are now in the closets of other little girls, along with lots of infant toys, blankets and other things she’s grown past.


When Abbi woke up we went to the grocery store together.  Nemo was the only one willing to ride in the buggy.


Sisters.  They really love to play with each other now.  They fight a ton, but can be really sweet.


We taught Abbi how to play hide and seek on a rainy night.  She doesn’t quite get the concept of being quiet, but she loves the game!


Lilli is so sad that she still hasn’t lost a tooth.  She’s pretty impatient about that one, and there’s nothing even close to wiggly according to her dentist.


Waiting on the bus, unicorn head to toe.  Last week she asked me to pick my favorite animal and I told her it was the unicorn – and she told me they weren’t real.  I told her to prove it and of course she couldn’t.  She’s starting to question “real vs pretend” a lot more this year – Christmas should be interesting!


Gymnastics time – working on her beam skills.  She’s advanced so much since joining the Shining Stars team and getting more practice time.  The bars are her favorite – I think she loves the upper body strength and her pullover is pretty awesome.


While Brent wrangled both girls at gymnastics I was shopping at a consignment pre-sale, but I think the goodies I came home with were worth it! Abbi would love to drive the big Jeep but she’s just too small, and our old little ATV died.  I grabbed this one at the sale and Abbi hasn’t gotten off it since.


Lilli has had the more preschool type roller skates for years, but she’s getting way too big for that type of skate but her foot is so tiny.  I found these AWESOME, barely used K2s at the sale for something like $12.  They’re still adjustable and the smallest setting actually fits her tiny foot.  She was SO thrilled.  These skates retail for around $70, and the wheels look brand new so I really got a steal.  Both of these items were some of the best things I got all season.


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