Consignment Season

From Feb 28 – March 3….

Consignment season kicked off and I took my first car load of stuff to sell.  The largest thing I got rid of last spring was the changing table. YEE HAW!


Some playground shenanigans on a gorgeous, warm February afternoon.


Don’t even think about trying to go to the bathroom in peace with Abbi around.


Occasionally even the crabs do something interesting enough to end up on the blog! But mostly they just hide from us.  And are the easiest pets ever.


Lilli and I met Serif and his mom at a consignment pre-sale.  He may have dressed up a little bit for her….


While we shopped, Brent took Abbi to a Candyland event at her school.


Lilli and her love notes.  She definitely knows how to flatter a guy!!


It was bring a stuffed animal friend to gymnastics night – so stinking cute.  Abbi brought one of her babies and your doll gets to workout along with you.  So much fun!


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