Vacation Day 5, Part 2: Silver Dollar City

From July 13th…..

We were on the fence about going to Silver Dollar City – we weren’t really sure how much the girls would enjoy the rides, and it was kind of pricey so we weren’t sure it was going to be “worth it” or if the lines were long.  We ended up making great time on the trip so we decided to chance it, plus if you got there later in the afternoon your tickets were good for the next day.  So, the girls napped into Missouri and it was hot, hot, hot when we got there in late afternoon.

And we were SO glad we went! It wasn’t crowded at all, and the first thing we did was ride the train around the park to get the layout.  Abbi really did like it – just not the whistle part.


It was part ride, part silly hillbilly show, which the girls loved.


And then we hit the kiddie ride area – they had tons of rides both girls could do and no lines! And the breeze in the swings was to die for!!


We weren’t sure if Abbi would like the small kiddie coasters or not.  She pretty much showed us…..


And of course Lilli was excited to do all the rides – the two of them are so close in height that most anything Lilli was tall enough for, Abbi could also do.  That makes it a lot easier to visit an amusement park!


We tried to make the most of any ride where we might get cooled off! We were able to stay on this little boat ride several times in a row without even getting off.


They gave you little guns and you shot at all the targets throughout the park and it kept score on your gun.  It was really cute and Abbi loved it.


More little kid coasters!!


We stayed until they closed and they kicked us out and turned off the rides.  From there we went to check into our hotel which was a DISASTER – the only time I’ve used Travelocity in years and I won’t again.  They had overbooked and the front desk guy was awful – it literally took us an hour to get a room in a very full, very loud place – and the room was pretty junky.  By the time we got checked in we were STARVED and we ended up back out at this Italian place – the food was good and it felt SO nice to just sit down and eat before heading back to our room and resting before a full day back at the park!


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