End of Summer….

From Aug 28 – Sep 2……

Our last pool date with the Godby’s for the summer….and like so many of the rest of them we got thundered out.  Grrrrr.  But the little sisters didn’t care.


Someone was finally big enough to drive the Jeep all on her own.  And this car loving tomboy was in heaven with her new found independence.


I had a big helper vacuuming out my car.  I love that they are big enough and enjoy doing these chores!


I got my hair cut and highlights updated – heading back more towards my natural color and letting it grow out. I’m having a lot of fun being curly some days, wavy some days, straight other days.  Lots of perks to having it longer than the bob I had for so long!


Lilli started another semester of extra curricular Chinese class one morning a week before school.  I think this is her 4th semester of Chinese and she’s really starting to learn a lot.  We got this sweet note from her teacher.


When you’re doing a little reading and relaxing and notice you have on two mismatched flip flops.  Oops.


With the end of summer upon us it was time to find new places to hang out on the weekend – and Arrington Vineyards is just perfect for picnics and playing.   The lawn is so beautiful and peaceful with plenty of places for the kids to run and adventure.


After a pizza picnic the big kids were playing Star Wars all up and down the big hill.


And easily made new friends to battle with.


The little sisters rolled and frolicked and chased the big kids and ran up and down while us adults had lots of grown up time to have our own fun.  (Mostly) uninterrupted adult conversation time is priceless – and at least at the vineyard no one is splashing us!


I love this one of the little sisters! We’ll have to frame this one in their apartment one day.


And all 4 kiddos, with Abbi in typical photo meltdown position.


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