Abbi’s Special Day

From January 15th….

This year we finally had another big party just for Abbi.  We had a big one at our house for her first birthday, complete with in house yoga class and catered Chic Fil A (her fave at the time) but the last couple of years she’s either had a combined event with Lilli or we just didn’t really have a big party for her.  She really hasn’t noticed, either. But this year, when you’re turning 4, you actually do have friends and notice.  So we booked a Sunday afternoon party at Monkey’s Treehouse for her.

She was dying all weekend for it to be party day.  We left a little too early and had to drive around for a while (waiting for the previous party to clear) and she couldn’t have been prouder when we got there.  She was just overwhelmed with the whole place being ours and didn’t even know where to get started playing.


I like Monkey’s Treehouse because you have the entire place to yourself and can cater in whatever food you want.  I like to feed the kids and adults, and for it not to cost a billion dollars.  The kids can eat and then run back to play, so no one is losing their mind in the party room.

Abbi and her school buddy Piper.  Piper lives in our school zone so they’ll be buddies for a long time.  We’re so excited about that! With Lilli going to daycare downtown she didn’t carry over any friends, so we’re really glad Abbi will already know some people.


Pepper in a car, Abbi in a car, and Leila (a school buddy) riding on the back.


Piper’s little sis.  You also have a lot of headcount flexibility at Monkey’s Treehouse, so it was super easy to include all the siblings.


Molly and Ella Kate.


We had pizza delivered for the kids and grown ups, along with some chicken and we got Pancho’s cheese dip.


More buddies – she had most of her classmates and lots of special friends attend.  I think overall we had about 23 kids!


Piper, Harper and Adelyn. Serif doesn’t look amused.  Harper will also be at the same elementary one day as Abbi and Piper, and her big sis, Emma, is a first grader at LES that Lilli knows from after care.


More buddies…..


Abbi had a Cars themed party.  She doesn’t care for princesses or any of that stuff, so nothing made her happier than this cake! And it turned out so cute.  We had Cars plates and the goody bags had some of her favorite things in them – including real Hot Wheels that she had a HARD time parting with.


She got really shy during the singing and wouldn’t blow her candles out.  I asked her if she wanted Lilli to and got a VERY quick NO!


So I took care of those 4 candles.  Add a x10 and I guess it’s practice for me later this year!


Leila and the boys playing dress up in the tree house…..


Abbi pushing Luke….


A few minutes later she found us and told us she wanted to eat another piece of cake.  So she took a break from her party and had another slice.  She is 100% a girl who knows what she wants, and doesn’t mind being an individual.  This strong will will hopefully serve her well throughout life.


Abbi, Graham, Luke and Adelyn playing “mail man”


Pepper cruising….


Leila and Abbi climbing….(they also take gymnastics together so they spend a lot of time together!)


Abbi wanted us to invite Mrs Dana – so Kelly and Elizabeth came with her. Ha! She loves cuddling with Dana after gymnastics every week.  And Lilli was glad to have her buddy there.


Molly, Abbi, Ella and Lilli.  Best pic ever of these four! #8642 is what we call them (their ages).  We spaced them well apart!


After we got home she wanted more cake.  So on her special day she ate more cake.  With her cars right there nearby.


Then they opened the mound of presents.  Goodness.  Too much stuff.


She got lots of nice things – but Pepper and Serif were the only ones who got her cars – and easily her favorite gift! It’s your best friends who always know just what to get you!


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