Granny Camp / Chinese Lights

From June 15 – 17….

The girls were still having a great time at Granny camp with their cousin Madison – lots of Sonic slushes, playing with dolls and cars, and staying up late! What’s not to love?


This one’s a framer! It’s crazy how much her teeth have already grown in since then!


One of my favorite books I’ve read all year was a book on Minimalism, just the practice of only keeping what you use and what you need and the freedom that gives you from all the time you spend taking care of your “stuff”.  It’s a slow process to weed through things, but it is wonderful when we have spaces free from junk and clutter.   I’m all about doing fewer things better.


Last night without kids – walking on the greenway after some Thai food.


Saying good-bye after a week at Granny camp! I’m sure they went home and had a nice nap……


We didn’t realize it, but the Chinese Lights festival had been held over one additional week.  We’d meant to go the entire time it was here but just never got around to it, and when the Godbys said they were going we decided to keep the kids out late and experience it.  Lilli was especially excited to go since she’s been taking Chinese every semester since kindergarten as an extra curricular activity at school.

It starts during the late afternoon and was at the Fairgrounds.  At first look, it seemed kinda small and we just weren’t sure it was going to be worth it.


During the day the exhibits were pretty, but as it got closer to dusk it really came alive.  They had 3 shows and we watched the first two and part of the third and the kids loved it every time, even though they were always similar.


After a week with an older cousin, she was all about selfies during a show.


They had all the various animals for the year you were born.  She may be small but she’s fierce!


All the kids were in quite the photographic mood that night – or they were just incredibly silly and glad to see each other!


This one especially was feeling silly! They called the twilight period the “magic hour” when the lights really came alive.  It was fun to do something like this in summer – it reminded me of holiday lights that you normally drive through.


Little legs get so tired, or “busy” as Abbi says when she jsut can’t walk anymore.


They had some really fun acrobats, musicians, dancers, and all kinds of fun and interesting acts.  They also had some shopping and food trucks.  We got a pretty Chinese print for our wall.


Kiddo photo bomb!


The giant dragon was one of our favorites. At night he just glowed.


A little power lifting…..


A bunch of thumbs up for the Chinese Lights! Can you get 8 ppl in a selfie? Yes you can! The dragon didn’t make much of the shot though, ha!

We had such a great time and are so glad we went to experience it and didn’t miss out before the show moved on to the next town.


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