Vacation Day 4 – Chattanooga Aquarium

From July 8…..

On Saturday we got up and drove to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium.  We’d give the girls free reign of what we’d do on our trip – we told them our various choices and let them pick if they wanted to stay in and swim or get out and adventure – and mostly they wanted to adventure.

It was about a 40 minute drive to the aquarium and of course the first stop was the building with all the sting rays and penguins.


We all had fun petting the sting rays, and Abbi’s hair mostly stayed wet all day from all the leaning in she did.


I loved this giant old looking turtle.  He looked like something straight out of Nemo.


The butterfly room was so fun.  There were so many gorgeous butterflies flying around and we got to hold quite a few of them.


Baby sis managed to not harm any butterflies! Not for lack of trying though….


Clearly I may have been most excited about holding a butterfly.


The girls are so into snakes right now.  Any opportunity they have to touch a reptile they go for it.  Lilli wasn’t so sure at first – hence her grabbing Abbi’s shirt below…..


But then they got comfortable with this snake, and a few others they had around the aquarium.


We finished the first building then sat outside to eat some lunch.  I’d thrown enough things in the backpack to tide us over and avoid overpriced and fatty concession food.


It had gotten really, really crowded.  The lines heading into the river otter area were just insane.  At this point it was so crowded we were ready to wrap it up more quickly.


Gators draw a crowd……


The aquarium really is so nice with lots of kid friendly areas to look at the fish and easily see them.


More fish petting and hair washing……


We wrapped up the aquarium and then walked a block or two to Ben and Jerry’s for a treat before heading back to the rental house.  We did some afternoon swimming and game playing while we relaxed and later cooked dinner.  It was nice to move at a slower pace for a few days and just do what we wanted.


And then later that night, after some night swimming and hot tubbing – our little frog friends were back.  You’d think they’d learn to stay away for a few days, but the frogs were plentiful and Abbi was thrilled.


She held onto this guy, quite tightly, for quite a while.  He also got dropped a lot so it’s possible he was too stunned to make a getaway.


Lilli caught a lot of frogs, too.


Abbi and her frogs – here she has one in each hand and is dancing them all around.  Bless their hearts.

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