The First Day of School!

From Aug 11-12……

After a late night at the fair the first day of school came early! We were ready with brand new clothes and shoes she’d picked out a few weeks earlier at Justice.  She wore her Yoda socks, which are a fine choice for the first day of school.


We made our traditional first day of school sign and took a few pictures on the porch before leaving.  She was VERY excited to get back to the classroom, learn new things and see her friends.


I also realize we really, really need to paint the front porch!


She picked a teal shirt, teal pants, and teal Converse for the first day.


One last pose before we dropped Abbi off at preschool.


We didn’t get to meet Ms Smart at the back to school social because Lilli was at Granny Camp, but Lilli already knew who she was and was really excited to be in her class.  She was so sweet and had some activities ready for everyone to get settled into the room.  Lilli’s not in a class with her best friend this year, but she has several of her best friends in the room so she was excited about that.


At her desk, ready to learn! We preorder supplies in our district, so all her stuff is in a big box waiting for her on the first day.  So much easier than going all over town and trying to find the right supplies! And cheaper, too.


They had a full day for the first day this year, normally they only go a half day, so I used the rest of the day as a nice Girls Day out.  I got my hair done (trim and fresh highlights) and had time to grab a smoothie before Michelle and I met back at the spa for manicures.  I already miss my tan so much!!


After our manicures we went to lunch in downtown Franklin at Meridee’s Breadbasket, a staple of downtown.  It was so good and perfect for a ladies day.  We walked around the square and did some shopping before heading back to reality.


And then getting off the bus that afternoon!


The next morning we got a sweet note from her teacher.  Ms Smart seems so nice and is really probably my favorite teacher Lilli has had so far.  She’s very personable and seems to really care a lot about the kids.  Every time I’m in the classroom she’s in a great mood and Lilli is always taking her treats.  We even saw her at church a few weeks ago – she was babysitting some boys for the weekend – and she jumped up and was so thrilled to see Lilli.


Friday morning – first day of riding the bus to school.  Once again, Abbi was so sad to not ride.  I can’t wait to get her on that bus next year!


Some Friday night cruising.


And Abbi’s staph – a small mosquito bite instantly turned into another infection.  The first of many to come over the following weeks….


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