Last Call

From March 4-9…..

I know most pictures of Olli usually involve Abbi, but Lilli is a pretty big fan, too.  While Abbi is more of his rough house partner, she tries to teach him tricks and likes him more when he’s calm and cuddly.


We were signed up for another Girl Scout cookie slot for selling inside the mall.  This was the very last day of cookie sales for the season (for all groups), so the girls only had about 50 boxes left to sell and they went through those in just over an hour to wrap up the Cookie Season.  Lilli ended up getting 5 patches and several little prizes for her sales.  She’s excited for next year and wants to sell 200 boxes!


One of their favorite dinners at home is “Subway night”.  It couldn’t be easier – grocery store hoagies, fresh deli turkey and melt the cheese in the microwave on top for 30 seconds.  Brent and I fancy ours up a bit, but the girls love some simple sandwiches.


Tooth #7 had been loose for a while and when she woke up this particular morning it was hanging on an angle and just uncomfortable.  We don’t have a lot of spare time in the mornings and she was too scared to let me pull it but it had gotten to that place where she really couldn’t eat, either.  She spent some time alone in the bathroom and came out and had pulled it! Luckily we still managed to make the bus on time with all that excitement!


That night we went to Chuck E Cheese – it had been a long time since we’d been and we were long overdue! We noticed way more cars in the parking lot than normal and when we went in there was a birthday party with a TON of balloons.  We mentioned it to the cashier and he said “Someone famous” was having a party but they couldn’t really figure out who it was.  We started eyeballing everyone and then zeroed in on Chris Stapleton – a really, really famous country singer right now.  His daughter was celebrating her birthday there, and at one point someone confused Lilli for the birthday girl.  Ha! Only in Nashville.


We didn’t take many pictures but ended up playing a lot of games and enjoying some pizza and a fun weeknight out.


Of course Abbi had to do cars and play all kinds of driving games.


Lilli left a sweet note for the tooth fairy that night.


We woke up to some snow the next morning.  Just No.


Lilli’s school had a spring fundraiser this year – a Glow Run (dark gym with glow in the dark necklaces).  She had to get donations for each lap and could win prizes for various levels she reached.  We didn’t ask for a lot of donations from friends since we just did Girl Scout cookies, but she still raised a lot of money and had fun doing it!


Running their laps – she did 30 laps.  I’m not sure how far that is inside the gym, and I didn’t go to the run (these pics are from another mom.)


That night we met my parents in Dickson for dinner and to transfer the girls for a weekend of Grandma camp! The girls were excited to get away for the weekend and have some fun without us!


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