Shark Hunters

From May 21…..

We woke up and did the usual – as we were waking up the girls splashed in the pool before breakfast – there’s really no better way to vacation than with your own little pool.  A pool this size is all we’d really ever need!


It was another really rainy, really cloudy day.  After breakfast we decided to walk down to the beach just to see if we might see any good shells or animals washed up. We had it pretty much to ourselves since it was such an overcast day.


We didn’t find any fun shells or anything exciting so after exploring for a bit we walked back.


On our last trip (3 years earlier) we’d visited a local park/state park that had this shallow lake full of little minnows.  Since we didn’t know about it we hadn’t taken nets, so we wanted to revisit it this time but really weren’t sure where we’d been before.  We drove to this park, thinking it was it but it didn’t end up being the same place.


As we got there the rain and clouds were getting thicker and heavier.  Brent and Lilli went exploring to see if it was the same place and we finally decided it wasn’t.  Schools of fish were jumping everywhere and Brent decided to venture out in the water.  It was really raining – and another family came up to me and said they’d just seen a shark out there near him.  I thought I’d seen a fin myself but wasn’t sure.  We yelled at him to come back in and definitely saw a fin out there.  At this point it was pouring so we ran back to the car and headed back to the house.


After lunch it cleared up again and we enjoyed the afternoon playing around in the pool.


Little mermaid.


After dinner we walked back down to the beach for one last sunset.


So many cartwheels everywhere we go! (This one is Abbi).


It’s hard to beat those pretty ocean sunsets with a thin layer of clouds.


Sunset selfie


While exploring Brent found this really cool fish.  We looked it up in Lilli’s book while we were there but I can’t remember what it is now.  He definitely knows how to camouflage!


And at dark we found this really, really cool snail.  After enjoying observing them we let them all go.  We really hit the jackpot on ocean life on this trip! Seaside is so wonderful for really cool ocean animals.


One last sunset.


It’s tough to be the little sis! So much sand, sun and swimming to wear her out! Hopefully this area survived Hurricane Michael last week.  This area isn’t too far from Panama City, but hopefully was far enough not to sustain a lot of damage.


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